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How to Avoid High AC Repair Costs in Tampa

2 years ago

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Getting Your AC Repaired in Tampa FL

Air Conditioner RepairLets face it, most of us really  do not know what to believe when the air conditioner contractor tells you that it is time to have a new central unit installed. After all, don’t they work on commission?  And who has $5000 to $10,000 to sink into a new ac system. Having a new air conditioner installed is undoubtedly a major expense, this is why you should have it maintained on a regular basis so small problems do not become big problems. When the time does come to have a new unit installed, it is not necessarily a bad thing. If you have been getting by with the same old clunker of a unit for the past few years, it has probably been reflected in higher utility costs for sure. Although the initial cost can be quite high, the costs savings over the next few years should be quite substantial. Once a new unit is installed, it will become  a much smaller portion of your total utility costs.


Cost Air Conditioning Repair in Tampa

As mentioned earlier, getting a new unit just makes sense if it is failing to cool your home properly making your utility bills go higher and higher. When this does begin to happen, its time to do some research. A priority should be to find out the age of the system. This should give you a rough idea of how many useful years are left in your unit. If you no longer have the owners manual to determine that, you should get the serial number and model number from the unit and call the manufacturer,


The AC Coil

Commercial AC Many cooling problems can be traced back to the ac coil. If your home starts to feel clammy instead of cool, it is a good possibility the problem is in the coil. The job of the coil is to extract humidity from the air as it is pulled through the unit and blown back into the home. When the coil is defective, frozen or is coated with dirt it fails to absorb the humidity. You can troubleshoot this by simply inspecting it to see if it has an coating of dirt or is frozen up.

Staying Cool in Tampa


If your air conditioning unit is failing to cool your home, it is wise to take a walk around to every room in your house and see if any of them feel warmer than the others. This could at least isolate a problem with the duct work or the ac’s ability to push air through out the house.



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